BCCGN aims to educate and provide resources for clinical researchers in BC who wish to conduct genetic research on diseases which are of interest to them. This section provides further information about the Network and the technologies used in genomics research. It also contains some templates for use as patient consents and a form that can be completed to apply to the Network for consultations and services.


This section contains educational materials on clinical genomics for physicians and other healthcare practitioners. Some of them have been specifically developed for them by BCCGN, while others are useful educational resources developed by other groups. more


BCCGN engages in presentations to explain the Network, the technologies and expertise it provides access to and the types of research that can benefit from high technology genomic approaches to study disease. This section provides access to our road show presentations. more


BCCGN aims to educate clinical researchers about genomics technologies and their use in studying disease. This section provides a list of peer reviewed scientific papers and some technology information sheets that are useful starting points for clinical researchers who are interested in learning more. more


Links to other useful funding and educational resources can be found in this section, including to the technology manufacturers’ web sites. more


In order to assist clinical researchers, BCCGN provides forms for submission of research proposals to the Network, as well as templates of patient information and consent forms to use when requesting that patients participate in a research study. more