High-Throughput Sequencing

High-throughput sequencing allows the investigator to generate large volumes of DNA sequence reads quickly at a fraction of previous costs. It can be used to produce sequence data in a wide variety of clinical and research applications. The Genome Sciences Centre currently operates and develops new applications for six state of the art Illumina GA and GA-II DNA sequencers. These devices can generate 40 million or more short DNA sequencing reads, corresponding to more than 1gigabase of sequencing data, in each run. Sequencing libraries of various types have been constructed and analyzed using the Illumina device, including libraries for gene expression, whole genome shotgun sequencing, full-length cDNA sequencing, and fosmid end sequencing.

Resources: Illumina GA and GA-II DNA Sequencers
Location: BC Cancer Agency Genome Science Centre
Key Services: Clone and whole genome analysis by shotgun sequencing.
Gene discovery via expressed sequence tag sequencing.
Analysis of genetic variation by PCR Amplicon sequencing.
physical genome mapping by BAC end sequencing.
Organism identification by metagenomic sequencing.


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