High Throughput Genotyping

High Throughput Genotyping involves the assessment of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) in the DNA sequence of the genome being studied. SNPs are the simplest and most common type of polymorphism, occuring in approximately every 1000 base pairs. They are extremely useful in genotyping as they can act as markers to track traits of interest. Human SNP genotyping is useful for linkage studies and association studies both in families and populations. The Illumina 500GX BeadStation Genotyping Platform has a unique approach to making assay-specific reagents and higher throughput with the benefit of low cost. In addition, no other high-throughput genotyping platform has achieved Illumina’s >99% accuracy.

Resources: Illumina® 500GX BeadStation Genotyping Platform
Affymetrix Resonance
Location: Child & Family Research Institute
Key Services: SNP genotyping


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